developmental cognitive neuroscience + art

Little Grey Lies


Unicorns are ubiquitous and magical. They foster a child’s imagination, evoking a sense of wonderment, bravery, and beauty. Since 2700 BC, all over the world children have utilized this mythical creature, fueling their fantasies and augmenting their world of understandings; this Unicorn is no exception. In fact, this Unicorn will be the most magical creature you have ever seen.

A New Objectivity

This is a beautiful series of very unique work. Somewhere in between photography and painting I am dealing with a new objectivity. Each piece has it’s own sense of wonderment and curiosity; something you can’t quite put your finger on and can’t look away.


Chevron patterns have been understood and used throughout history in all aspects of life from fashion to military ranking, even street signs. The bold contrasting sequence not only commands your attention but the succession itself intrinsically denotes weight and direction. Using the chevron as a starting point I wanted to investigate how malleable this pattern and its connotations can be while maintaining the structure and integrity of this iconic pattern.

There Ain’t Enough Right Raised Men

This is a fantastic series that came together rather quickly, in fact it is so fantastic it has two parts to it,  There Ain’t Enough Right Raised Men and Where The Memory Leads You.  The models used are Playboy models from the 60’s and early 70’s and were chosen because of their strong demeanor and restrained sexuality.   Simplifying the background with an abstract pattern gave the figure a sense of timelessness and vibrancy.  The latter being the sub-series allows you to investigate your perspective and interpret the work based on your personal beliefs and upbringing. 

The Golden Book Series

I love this series. This is probably the most intellectually stimulating group of work I’ve done to date; at least for me. In designing these pieces I focused on memory rather than empathy to make them as personal to the viewer as I possibly can. I needed to scan the actual book pages rather than photograph or paint them so the resulting image is derived from the original rather than my perspective or interpretation of it. These large pieces measuring 39×31.5 inches are treated in a way that most children treat their books. Paint and scribbles personalize the images making it their own,  becoming a part of it by making your mark. The art is the triggering of your own personal memories of these books. These images are only the vehicle. Enjoy the memory it is yours.

Shadows and Botanicals

Shadows and Botanicals is comprised of twenty five black and whites and twenty five color works on paper. Reflecting off of the minimalist mindset, these pieces were only numbered and the grouping titled as opposed to titling each piece. This helps enhance the objectivity they take on. It is something that exists outside of you. It is something you are observing. To have as little visual interference as possible, the signature are debossed, alluding to something that was there but is not there any more, an imprint.

Talking Into Hollow Trees

This group of work was highly motivated by the model herself.  It took almost one hundred photos for me to understand how to use this medium with this particular model.  Her personality is so engaging and extremely dynamic, I could only sit back as a spectator and let her be.

We had a conversation.  Nothing special or deep, just a conversation about our daily life.  As she spoke I snapped photo after photo with my phone (this whole series was shot with my phone) and recorded her natural self.  The strength of her personality alone was enough to build a series of work.

Visual Coefficient

This grouping of minimalistic work started out as something to entertain myself. I was finding it difficult to come across things that made me think or allowed me the room to contemplate so I created my own source for visual and mental reflection. The imagery is not personal, in fact it is the opposite. Randomness or a rather structured randomness is what developed a lot of these pieces.

Drawing For Sculpture

These large constructions of Stonehenge paper, acrylic and charcoal take on a more sculptural aspect than a two dimensional drawing.  Bold black shapes contrast the edited white surrounding creating a powerful tension that will command any room.  Blue undertones slowly appear as you investigate the many details of what seems like a simplistic piece, allowing you to fall deeper and deeper into an ever expanding world of thought.


Everything of the Drawing For Sculpture series just in small thoughtful bites.  They are not studies of other work, just something to help me understand the language.  These pieces were literally made from the scraps of the Drawing For Sculpture series and worked on during it’s development.