Visual Coefficient

Minimalism in Thought

This grouping of minimalistic work started out as something to entertain myself. I was finding it difficult to come across things that made me think or allowed me the room to contemplate so I created my own source for visual and mental reflection. The imagery is not personal, in fact it is the opposite. Randomness or a rather structured randomness is what developed a lot of these pieces.

The direct notion of color or imagery allows the viewer to understand what is in front of them, such as a flower or a blue stripe, but their correlation does not exist. The tone of color, the placement of imagery, or the intent of line density creates an exact tension, not to direct but rather spark the cognitive process in the viewer.

What I like best in this work is the timelessness they possess. No matter how many years pass or how many times you view the work you will always think or contemplate something different. They are not anchored in a time, feeling, or emotion, and because of that they grow with you.

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