The Gestalt Shift Unicorn

Gestalt Shift Using Visual Entropy

Donald Jackson Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist and artist

The Gestalt Switch Unicorn has eighteen separate parts to it with nine different colors. That is a lot of shapes and other information to comprehend. The unicorn is conceptually designed using representations of high visual entropy; the same state that our brains are always in. The GSU is just a controlled closed structured environment, utilizing the same concept that our perceptual cognition is already wired to understand. 

Moving from a high visual entropy state to a low visual entropy state is a form of meditation. It is a slowing down of your mind and allowing a less confused structuring to take place. This  allows the simplicity of the other shape to stand out. By utilizing the features of a generic face in conjunction with the more open and less visually cluttered space, a strong influence happens and the mind recognizes the facial pattern, solidifying the separation and uniqueness of a new image. Recognition of this open and less visually confused space is a low visual entropy state. This is also why your perception will always revert back to the understanding of a unicorn as it is a high entropy pattern. This process is unique to this Gestalt Shift. The image can be anything but the balance of the size relations have to be precise. 

-Donald Jackson

Gestalt Switch Unicorn