Special Prints

These hand cut pieces bring another layer to the understanding of object and the roll it plays in multiple observational perspectives. The Unicorn Hanger print measuring 7×9″ puts our beloved unicorn in the clouds surrounded by stars and a poorly rendered rainbow. This dime store product hanger gives a nod to street art and sticker culture as well as the use of generic and the ubiquity of inexpensive consumerism.

On the other end we have our hand cut Unicorn Head overlaid with a grid of golden glitter, capturing the light from every direction; why not. This 10×7″ print celebrates the extravagant! What I love about these glitter prints is the movement made by the golden shimmer. It gives a life to the work in a way that is unlike any of the other prints. Sometimes, it’s that added little something that bring an image over the top. Showering it in golden glitter is what did it for this piece.

Each print is signed, titled, dated, and editioned to 25