Chevron patterns have been understood and used throughout history in all aspects of life from fashion to military ranking, even street signs. The bold contrasting sequence not only commands your attention but the succession itself intrinsically denotes weight and direction. Using the chevron as a starting point I wanted to investigate how malleable this pattern and its connotations can be while maintaining the structure and integrity of this iconic pattern.

The Chevron series contains seventeen works on paper including one diptych. Like most of my work the approach I take is to create an object rather than the illusion of an image. The idea or notion of object helps facilitate a particular thought process for its understanding. By doing this the viewer focuses on memory rather than empathy to create a realization rather than a vicarious experience.

I believe these pieces are a good evolution from the Drawing For Sculpture series created in 2012. It carries that same thought and ideas in a direction that the 2012 series couldn’t go. I’m very interested in seeing where this will evolve to in the future.

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