If you have received your stimulus check but are still working and are not in desperate need of it, please think of donating a portion of it to an artist you admire or respect. Even a small amount can help.

If you would like to purchase something that is small and affordable I have this sweet deal for you.


$50 +$10 SH+H. – A 7×5 inch open edition Unicorn print on Stonehenge paper with rounded edges and debossed signature PLUS a high gloss vinyl sticker.
If  interested in helping out science research in the fine arts you can Venmo me at: DJ_TheStudio 
(The total for this awesome deal is the $60)

The Unicorn series is about the identity of movement of thought. It starts off with a unique type of Gestalt Switch that continues on according to an individuals structured cognitive tendencies and can be repeated over and over again. 

This is about as science-y as I want to get here. There is a lot more written about it that will be in the catalog. 

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