The CHEVRON series is a visually powerful and thought provoking body of work. The obvious connotations fall by the wayside as the more hidden, subjective understandings naturally occur.

Click here to view the Chevron series.

I love this group of work – the beauty of pattern, the realization of time and the numerous ways of perceiving such a simple structure. You are invited to my studio on Thursday February 7th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM to see it all for yourself. A Chevron will look amazing in your home. It commands a strong focal point in any decor and stimulates your mind by contemplating your personal perspective.

Framed Chevrons float on a clean white mat board within a matte white frame, creating a beautiful contradiction with the bold color and wear of the timeless chevron pattern.  Each piece is a unique work on paper, which means no there are no prints or editions.  The series is comprised of seventeen unique works including one diptych. Every art collection should have a anchor and I believe a piece of the Chevron series to be just that.

So on Thursday February 7th I am inviting you to see this beautiful body of work in its entirety at my studio located at 2034 N. Damen ave, just north of Armitage.  Feel free to email me an RSVP or reach out on Instagram at @DJ_THESTUDIO.

I hope to see you at the opening,




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