Donald Jackson

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Donald Jackson (b.1972) is a contemporary American artist living and

working in Chicago, Illinois. Early artistic education began at Berklee

School of Music in Boston and continued on at Massachusetts College

of Art. After receiving his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of

Chicago (1995) Jackson delved into the relationship of the cognitive mind

and the visual reference. Each completed work is as much a

psychological undertaking as it is an artistic journey.

Continuously studying the development of the tensions produced between

color, line, and form each space is defined by their universal values.

Balance comes about when all environmental elements work in concert

with one another. Jackson’s work attempts to bridge the gap between the

objective and the subjective. The images created are secondary to the

tensions that they produce.

A deeply rooted belief that both practice and study arise from faith guides

Jackson’s hand. As one views Jackson’s work, perception and

Interpretation lie within the values held by the viewer’s own experience.

How we approach pain, beauty, sexuality and the world beyond is

conveyed through each carefully executed layer of ground, texture,

stroke, and hue.

Donald Jackson’s work is included in numerous private collections

throughout the United States. Recent publications include the

2010 issue of Studio Visit magazine and Short Stories Illustrated

by Artists, Front Forty Press, April 2007.

Donald Jackson Studio serves as the classroom for Color Wheel Studio,

a children’s fine arts program located in the Bucktown neighborhood of

Chicago. Opened in 2010 in response to the lack of quality arts education

in our public schools, Jackson inspires young minds through the unique

teachings of his own fine arts background.