Shadows and Botanicals

This grouping of work developed during the middle of a larger minimalist approach containing more works on paper as well as a number of works on canvas referred to as the “Soft Paintings”. Shadows and Botanicals is comprised of twenty five black and whites and twenty five color works on paper. Reflecting off of the minimalist mindset, these pieces were only numbered and the grouping titled as opposed to titling each piece to enhance the subjective depiction they take on. Even the signature are debossed initials to have as little visual interference as possible.
Although they are titled Shadows and Botanicals, they are of no specific plant or flower. The title refers to the layering of images that subsequently can create another visual reference having no connection to the source. All of the work within the larger minimalist grouping is for personal contemplation and has nothing to do with my opinion or artistic viewpoint. I try to leave the work as open as possible allowing in as many interpretations or approaches as I can and still have them as correct or true as possible.

-Donald Jackson