A New Objectivity


Something is different about this work.  It is like nothing I’ve seen before, but it bares the comfort of familiarity.  A sense of remembrance is anchored in each piece.  That flash of layered memory both contaminates and develops the visual thought.  It is the physicality of the object that makes it all so tangible.

What am I seeing here?  Am I looking at the object, or am I looking at the image?  Is it the weathered disconnect that permeates each piece?  Is it an advertisement or narrative about something else?  I am finally at a loss as to what I am looking at, the abstract sense of the unknown finds meaning in seemingly nothing at all.  That is the art that I look for in my work.

Thinking past the imagery and focusing on the object – as an object fosters the sense of ownership – is the outcome I seek to achieve.  The viewer is no longer the voyeur but an active participant in the piece.  That discovery is what connects the work to you and forms within your own interpretation.

Art is an experience, the internalization of the work, not the actual piece itself.  What you are viewing is only the vehicle.  This is a new sense of art, this is A New Objectivity.