There Ain’t Enough Right Raised Men


“There Ain’t Enough Right Raised Men” consists of two groupings. The first being self titled and the second titled “Where The Memory Leads You”. Each depicts paintings of women taken from photographs from the late 60’s through the early 70’s mainly in Playboy Magazine. These women were chosen because of their confident gaze as well as the empowering stance they hold. A sense of control and conviction was very important in creating this series.

What separates the two groupings is the treatment of the background. A person’s background can hold strong connotations about how they are perceived. In the first grouping, a simplified and colorful pattern creates the background. Color, size and pattern were chosen to distribute the visual weight in accordance with how I wanted the piece to be guided. This created a fun, nondescript engagement with the women leaving its interpretation up to the viewer.

In the second grouping, things become more psychological. Although each of the women engages the viewer with their gaze, they are juxtaposed with child like drawings and mark making with wax crayon in the background. These seemingly unassociated images and marks can tell a hundred different stories, all of which depend solely on the viewers own personal background, which brings up the title of this grouping, “Where The Memory Leads You”.

In this series as in all of my work, I try to affect the viewer as directly and psychologically as possible. I try to reach the axiom of cognition and have the viewer discover or begin to understand why they think what they think and do what they do.

-Donald Jackson