The Chevron series is comprised of seventeen works on paper including one diptych. The series evolved out of a love for patterns and the flat.   Although they are not directly related, it evokes thoughts and ideas from fashion to street signs. The boldness of these pieces carry a heavy weight while the personal impact they have is augmented by the carefully thought out titles.

What I love most about this series is not only the pieces themselves but how they alter the feel of their surrounding space. They become a solid anchor in a room and directs where things are in its relation. In short, they become more sculptural rather than something to fill space on a wall.

I believe these pieces are a good evolution from the Drawing For Sculpture series created in 2012. It carries that same thought and ideology into a direction that the 2012 series couldn’t go. I’m very interested in seeing where this will evolve to in the future.


– Donald Jackson